Lesson 1: Animals
Animals Glossary
Lesson 2: Red or...
Red or... Glossary
Lesson 3: The bear fishes.
Bear fishes Glossary
Lesson 4: We walk in the forest.
We walk in the forest Glossary
Lesson 5: Seasons/Year
Seasons Glossary
Lesson 6: Insects
Insects Glossary 
Lesson 7: Scattered Words and Sentences
Scattered Words and Sentences Glossary
Lesson 8: Good Morning
Good Morning Glossary 
Lesson 9: Doing Things Outside
Doing Things Outside Glossary 
Lesson 10: Running and...
Running and... Glossary
Lesson 11: Doing Things Inside
Doing Things Inside Glossary 
Lesson 12: How many?
How many? Glossary 
Lesson 13: I see two birds.
Lesson 14: I see a bird.
Lesson 15: I hear a bird.
Lesson 16: These flowers are very beautiful.
Lesson 17: Today is very warm.
Lesson 18: Finally the water lily is blooming.
Lesson 19: The man walks on a rope.
Lesson 20: This tree is very tall.
Lesson 21: The cat lays.
Lesson 22: The dog looks for a squirrel.
Lesson 23: Those dogs are going outside.
Lesson 24: The dog drinks water.
Lesson 25: The dog eats some food.
Lesson 26: The dog is resting.