The Seven Council Fires

As stated in Riggs’ "A Dakota-English Dictionary," the Dakota Tribes are a confederacy made up of the Seven Council Fires:

Wah'pkute (Shooters among the Leaves)
Wah'petun (Dwellers among the Leaves)
Sisitun'wan (Dwellers of the Fish Grounds)
Bdewakan'tun'wan (Dwellers of the Spirit Lake)
Ihan'ktuwan (Dwellers at the End)
Ihanktunwana (Little Dwellers at the End)
Titun'wan (Prairie Dwellers)

The four communities in Minnesota are comprised of:
Pejihutazizi (Yellow Medicine, Upper Sioux Community in Granite Falls)
Can's'ayapi (Trees Marked Red, Lower Sioux Community in Morton)
Bde Maya To (Blue Bank Lake, Shakopee-Mdewakanton Community in Prior Lake)
Tin'ta Win'ta (Prairie Island, Prairie Island Community, by Red Wing)